This page is inspired by Derek Sivers' now page suggestion and his Now Now Now project. It's a record of my current projects and what's inspiring me.


    July 2017. Splitting my time between Los Angeles & London.

    Using the app HabitHub to build chains of accomplishments every day (popularised by Jerry Seinfeld).. from spending 15 minutes learning a language to 30 minutes a day writing scripts or 40 minutes working on self-promotion. An app called Toggl helps me track my time and stay productive and on task throughout the day which, as a freelancer working from home all the time, has changed my life.


  • Post Producing a 50 minute film called ‘Home’ about a couple in their mid-50's coming to terms with their possible break up and the effect this has on every aspect of their lives and everyone around them.

  • Prepping to shoot three 30 second spec dialogue scenes set in a late-night diner.

  • Writing a feature about a young man and an older woman who meet on an internal flight and begin an intense relationship which affects each other’s lives inexorably.

  • Producing an Udemy course on Practical Filmmaking.



  • French


  • Silicon Valley
  • Billions
  • Westworld
  • The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  • Rome Season 2